Ashish Sahay

Ashish Sahay

Ashish sahay

Founder of Ontoor Solutions

Ashish Sahay is Oracle APEX and Database developer working since 2016. Ashish Sahay is a frequent blogger on Ontoor Blogs and actively helps developers in the oracle community. Contributing to APEX.WORLD for various open-source plugins. He is also active on other social media and community platforms like Stack Overflow, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to help and collaborate with people. He has founded the website namely APEX Tutorials to provide simple and effective tutorials for beginners and experienced developers. This website is a collection of concepts and solutions of Oracle Database, APEX development, ORDS etc. You can contact Ashish at

I am working in APEX for last seven years which includes BI publisher reports integration, ORDS Restful web services, Application development and plugins.

Scrum skills

  • Experienced in Agile methodology and frameworks like Scrum.
  • Skilled to coach the team on how to follow agile Scrum.
  • Strong understanding of Scrum theory, rules and practices.
  • Expertise in the value of metrics and incremental delivery.

Key Highlights

  1. APEX development
  2. APEX theme development
  3. APEX template development
  4. APEX Plugin development
  5. Interactive Grid, Report, form, Classic report.
  6. ORDS
  10. PLSQL and SQL
  11. Collections and Nested tables
  12. Cursors and Bulk handling
  13. Performance Tuning
  14. DBMS_UTIL, directories and External tables
  15. Analytic functions
  16. Custom Reports and Schedulers
  17. Data model Design and Planning
  18. Legacy System Migration to Oracle
  19. Resource and Project Planning
  20. End to end Deliverable

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