APEX 19.2 Navigation Menu styles

APEX 19.2 Navigation Menu styles


Navigation menu has been upgraded a lot as APEX is growing. As of now in APEX 20.1 we have already seen the Mega menus which is really cool.

Let’s see what styles actually available in APEX 19.2, and of course these are carry forwarding in APEX 20.1 as well.

In navigation menu Templates type we have collapse Mode option and styles to choose.


Collapse Mode: Icon (Default)
In this mode icon is visible when menu is collapsed. Preview Collapse Mode: Hidden
Icons are hidden on menu collapse. Preview Menu Styles:

  • Classic
    This styles is for classic navigation menu as in APEX 5. Preview

  • Style A
    Style A has the feature of left border on active menu entry Preview

  • Styles B
    It shows background color on active menu entry. Preview How to create navigation menu Follow the steps

  • Shared Component

  • User Interface Attributes

  • Edit user interface

  • Navigation Menu

    • Select Navigation Menu List
  • Position

    • Left/Top
  • List Template

    • Side Navigation Menu Screenshots Preview Preview Preview Preview

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