Set item at right of interactive Report search bar Oracle APEX


We can set position of any item at right of interactive search bar by using simple JavaScript code.

Steps :

  1. Interactive Report Region Static ID : emp_region
  2. Page Item: P15_NEW_POS
  3. Create a Dynamic Action on page load
  4. Create DA: Name = Change Item Position
  5. Event = Page Load
  6. Condition = -Select- IF above APEX version 5.0 then Client-side Condition = -Select-
  7. Action = Execute JavaScript Code
  8. Settings : Code
$('#emp_region_toolbar').append($('#P15_NEW_POS_CONTAINER')); // to set position
$('#P15_NEW_POS_LABEL').css('display', 'block'); // make item label as block
$('#P15_NEW_POS_LABEL').css('white-space', 'nowrap'); // disable wrapping



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