How to bulk return in FORALL insert?

BULK Return from FORALL insert. CREATE TABLE ashish_bulk_ret ( id NUMBER GENERATED AS IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR2 (31) ); DECLARE TYPE l_rec_typ IS RECORD ( id NUMBER, name VARCHAR2 (32) ); TYPE l_ret_list_tbl_typ IS TABLE OF l_rec_typ; l_ret_list_tbl l_ret_list_tbl_typ;... Read more

ORACLE INVISIBLE Column can be used for column ordering

How to reorder ORACLE table columns? Sample table CREATE TABLE test_column ( id NUMBER, name VARCHAR2 (200), created_by VARCHAR2 (50) ); Add a column ALTER TABLE TEST_COLUMN ADD EMAIL VARCHAR2(50); Column Order will be Reorder Email next to NAME. ALTER... Read more

PLSQL Collection

PL/SQL provides three collection types − Index-by tables or Associative array Syntax TYPE type_name IS TABLE OF element_type [NOT NULL] INDEX BY subscript_type; table_name type_name; Example TYPE l_tab_type IS TABLE OF NUMBER INDEX BY VARCHAR2(10); l_tab l_tab_type; Variable-size array or... Read more

3 ways to find second highest salary ORACLE SQL

Solution 1 : OR Solution 2 : Solution 3 : Read more

Table Blob to Oracle Directory

How to save table images to oracle directory? Files from table to Oracle directory  How to Send all files in ZIP? You might Like: Read more

Cursors in PL/SQL

What is cursor: Pointer to the memory location where the information about sql stmt or DML statement got executed. There are two types of cursors − Implicit Cursor:= Any Select Stmt Or Any SQL Stmt Executed By Oracle Is Through Cursor And... Read more

Pipelined Functions in Oracle

How to create Pipelined Functions in Oracle?  Pipeline functions are used to return data in tabular format. It returns the data in the nested table type. Pipeline functions are useful to dump data derived from the complex queries. Read more

Reading File From Oracle Directory

How to read Files from Oracle Directory using PL/SQL? File Structure ACCOUNTING RESEARCH SALES OPERATIONS 3 Records 5 Records 6 Records 0 Records How to generate files into Oracle Directory? Output ACCOUNTING RESEARCH SALES OPERATIONS 3 Records 5 Records 6... Read more

Writing File to Oracle Directory

How to write file to ORACLE Directory using PL/SQL? Read more


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