How to create oracle APEX plugins

Oracle APEX (Application Express) plugins are custom components that can be added to APEX pages to extend the functionality of the application. To create an APEX plugin, you will need to have an understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PL/SQL.... Read more

APEX Font Toggler (AFT)

APEX Font Toggler (AFT) Plugin. APEX Font Toggler (AFT) plugin allow users to increase or decrease application font size at their convenience and this plugin is free for use under MIT license. How to use? Steps: Read more

Why APEX Plugins?

Why APEX Plugins? Oracle application express or widely known as APEX is a great framework that comes up with endless possibilities. Forms, Reports flexible and responsible designs which help to make your app platform-independent. JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, third-party library integration,... Read more

APEX Camera Extension (ACE)

APEX Camera Extension (ACE) Plugin. APEX Camera Extension (ACE) plugin allows user to open Camera and and capture an image in APEX Collection. How to use? Steps: You might also like: Read more

Dynamic position Navigation Menu Oracle APEX

Dynamic position navigation menu As a developer we know how to change the Navigation menu position. We have access to change the navigation menu position but when it comes to user then there is hard and forced fixed menu position... Read more

Render Region to Navigation Menu Oracle APEX

Render Apex Region to Navigation Menu in Oracle APEX version 1.0 This Plugin will render or move the apex region to the navigation menu, for that first create a region then create dynamic action on page load and Choose that... Read more

APEX user profiler

APEX user profile utility This plugin is inspired by the APEX workspace user profile option. Steps JSON Configuration Sample Query: Attributes Attribute Name Description Example FIRST_NAME Display First Name in Profile Ashish LAST_NAME Display Last Name in Profile Sahay IMAGE_SRC... Read more

Move APEX page item to navigation menu

Move APEX page item to navigation menu, navigation bar or Application title. This plugin help to move the page items to navigation menu, Navigation bar or Application title. Steps Screenshots:    Source: Download source from GitHub. Report a bug Demo Read more

Material Cards Region Plugin

Material Cards Region plugin (1.0) | Oracle APEX.   This plugin returns the dynamic material cards with ripple effect. In this plugin everything is customizable, from color to icons and even number of cards per row. Steps SELECT Initcap(ename) CARD_TITLE,... Read more

Accordion Report plugin | Oracle APEX

Accordian Report is a great interface when you want to utilize the screen space. I took the references from the Accrodian library and used to implement it in Oracle APEX. Steps { "showIcon": "fa-plus-square fa-2x", "hideIcon": "fa-minus-square fa-2x", "headingBackground": "red",... Read more