Why APEX Plugins?

Why APEX Plugins?

Oracle application express or widely known as APEX is a great framework that comes up with endless possibilities. Forms, Reports flexible and responsible designs which help to make your app platform-independent. JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, third-party library integration, Plugins, Templates and whatnot.

Let’s just focus on Plugins. What are they? Why are they? How to build? these are the questions that can haunt you.

What are APEX Plugins?

APEX plugins are APEX utility that solves one or more use-case/purposes. They hold up a separate bundle of code, sometimes derived from third-party libraries.

Why are APEX Plugins?

APEX plugins are great for reusability, reducing application complexity, giving an extra cutting edge to your applications. Some key features of the APEX plugins

  • Reusable
  • Customizable
  • Third-Party library integration separation
  • Easy to upgrade
  • PL/SQL support
  • JavaScript and JQuery support

Sometimes you can call them a sub-product of your application if the plugin is designed and developed for a special purpose.

Some best example of sub-product

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