Render Region to Navigation Menu Oracle APEX

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Render Apex Region to Navigation Menu in Oracle APEX version 1.0


This Plugin will render or move the apex region to the navigation menu, for that first create a region then create dynamic action on page load and Choose that region on the affected element. You Must have to choose region template Blank with attributes.


  • Download Plugin.
  • Install this plugin into your application.
  • Create a page region in your application.
  • Upload Static image from your local system.
  • Create Dynamic action on load.
  • Add true action.
  • Select region in Affected Elements.
  • Use this syntax in your region or Instead of this URL “#APP_IMAGES#IMG_20160125_051904.jpg” you can use your uploaded image URL.
1<img src="" class="side_image" >

Create Region into a page

1<img src="#APP_IMAGES#IMG_20160125_051904.jpg" class="side_image" >

Dynamic Action on page load Final Preview Source:

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