Dynamic Action Success Message Oracle APEX

This function displays a page-level success message. This clears any previous success messages displayed, and also assumes there are no errors and clears any errors previously displayed. Success messages display using the current app’s theme’s template. Specifically for page success... Read more

How to create oracle APEX plugins

Oracle APEX (Application Express) plugins are custom components that can be added to APEX pages to extend the functionality of the application. To create an APEX plugin, you will need to have an understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PL/SQL.... Read more

APEX Font Toggler (AFT)

APEX Font Toggler (AFT) Plugin. APEX Font Toggler (AFT) plugin allow users to increase or decrease application font size at their convenience and this plugin is free for use under MIT license. How to use? Steps: Read more

Render Region to Navigation Menu Oracle APEX

Render Apex Region to Navigation Menu in Oracle APEX version 1.0 This Plugin will render or move the apex region to the navigation menu, for that first create a region then create dynamic action on page load and Choose that... Read more

Social Footer Oracle APEX

The social footer is one of my plugins. I have created this plugin to avoid writing code over and over and static codes in HTML for showing social icons or social footer.  This plugin allows the developer to provide the... Read more

Smooth row view Interactive report Oracle APEX

In APEX interactive reports when we switch the report view from table view to row view, we use to see too much lag and screen loading. like below… It might impact user experience, sometimes report may have too much data... Read more