Application Session Sharing in Oracle APEX | Ontoor Concepts #5

What is Session Sharing? ORACLE APEX has the ability to share sessions between multiple applications. Session sharing allows users to log in once and access multiple APEX applications without having to re-enter their login credentials each time they switch between... Read more

Usage of Application Item in Oracle APEX | Ontoor Concepts #4

Usage of Application Item | Oracle APEX Application Item: How to get the application item value on the page? Page Item : Read more

Substitution Strings Oracle APEX | Ontoor Concepts #3

Substitution Strings in Oracle APEX | Ontoor Concepts #3 Substitution strings in Oracle Apex are a way to dynamically replace values in SQL or PL/SQL statements. These strings are used as placeholders that are replaced with actual values at runtime.... Read more

Creating Master Detail form Interactive Grid Oracle APEX | Ontoor Concepts #2

A single master detail form should be two editable interactive grids based on two related tables or views and you can define any number of master-detail relationships on a single page. In this video, We have shared the steps for... Read more

Interactive Grid introduction | Ontoor Concepts #1

In this Video Ashish has given the brief introduction of Interactive GRID. Interactive Grid concepts. Read more