Usage of Application Item in Oracle APEX | Ontoor Concepts #4

Usage of Application Item | Oracle APEX Application Item:

  1. Application items are not associated with a page and therefore have no user interface properties.
  2. You can create a global variable by creating an application-level item with the same name across all applications and setting the scope to Global.
  3. For Security, Session State Protection, select Restricted.
  4. You can create an application item from Shared Components to Application Items.
  5. There is no option to modify attributes like a global page or a normal page.
  6. We can’t get application Item value using JavaScript directly.

How to get the application item value on the page?

  • &APP_ID.
  • :APP_ID

Page Item :

  • Page item is also part of an HTML form.
  • Page items can be a text field, text area, password, select list, checkbox, and so on. Item attributes affect the display of items on a page.
  • Page Items are Placed on a Single Page.
  • Users can not use page items as a global Variable or It can’t render all over the Application like Global Page Item.
  • We can also get the value of Page Item using JavaScript.

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