Referred from Oracle Standard Document . APEX_JSON write unescaped JSON write an unescaped array attribute. use the escaping write() procedures instead, if possible. EXAMPLE Write an array attribute that contains JSON Read more

First Day of the YEAR : ROUND (DATE)

First Day of the YEAR by ROUND function This function works similar to ROUND of numbers, if the month is geater than six (6) then return the day of next year else it returns day of current year. SELECT ROUND... Read more

Generating JSON using APEX_JSON

Generating JSON using APEX_JSON Sample tables from Oracle Create Two table based on below query and Inserted some record for demo purpose: Sample block to generated JSON manually OUTPUT: References:https://oracle-base.com/articles/misc/apex_json-package-generate-and-parse-json-documents-in-oracle Read more

APEX_JSON Nested parsing

APEX_JSON Nested JSON data parsing Sample JSON Sample PLSQL block OUTPUT: You might Also like: Read more