NULL in Oracle NULL = NULL ? NULL_ NULL is NOT Equals to NULL COUNT with NULLs COUNT(A) 2 SUM with NULLs SUM(A) 12 LENGTH with NULLs SELECT LENGTH (NULL) len, 'LENGTH' FROM DUAL; LEN ‘LENGTH’ LENGTH Order by with... Read more

How to Generate XML in Oracle Using SQL

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Remove Special Character and Extra Space From a String ORACLE/PLSQL

SELECT REGEXP_REPLACE('Sahay*)(^#@Pandey$ashish/Vikas','[^a-z_A-Z ]') FROM DUAL; You might Like How to Remove New line from a String Using PL/SQL/ORACLE Read more

How to Remove New line from a String Using PL/SQL/ORACLE?

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ORA-00972: identifier is too long

ORA-00972: identifier is too long. Till Oracle 12 C, the identifier length is 30 characters. Starting from 18 C Oracle increased the length of identifier to 128 character. So now we can define our identifiers till 128 characters if you... Read more

Use of Merge Statement

Sometimes whenever we want to insert records into table with the conditions For existing records (if found then) Update, For Non Existing records (If not found) then insert Step 1 : Create table a_merge as select empno , ename from... Read more

Get the time when was the Record was inserted

Hey Guys, Some times we need to show the posted time or you can say when the data is inserted into the table. The idea of showing date in this format came from the social site post time display schemes... Read more