Interactive GRID | Dynamic Column Total

Referred from John’s cookbook sample app.

  • Interactive GRID
  • Static ID – emp
  • Grid Query
  FROM emp
  • Function and Global Variable Declaration
// create a private scope where $ is set to apex.jQuery
(function($) {
    // This is the function that calculates over all the rows of the model and then
    // updates something else.
    // Change this to do whatever calculation is needed.
    // Call this whenever the model data changes.
    function update(model) {
        var salKey = model.getFieldKey("SAL"), 
            total = 0;

        console.log(">> starting sum SAL column")
        model.forEach(function(record, index, id) {
            var sal = parseFloat(record[salKey]),  // record[salKey] should be a little faster than using model.getValue in a loop
                meta = model.getRecordMetadata(id);

            if (!isNaN(sal) && !meta.deleted && !meta.agg) {
                total += sal;
        console.log(">> setting sum SAL column to " + total)
        $s("P5_TOTAL", total);

    // This is the general pattern for subscribing to model notifications

    // need to do this here rather than in Execute when Page Loads so that the handler
    // is setup BEFORE the IG is initialized otherwise miss the first model created event
    $(function() {
        // the model gets released and created at various times such as when the report changes
        // listen for model created events so that we can subscribe to model notifications
        $("#emp").on("interactivegridviewmodelcreate", function(event, ui) {
            var sid,
                model = ui.model;

            // note this is only done for the grid veiw. It could be done for
            // other views if desired. The imporant thing to realize is that each
            // view has its own model
            if ( ui.viewId === "grid" ) {
                sid = model.subscribe( {
                    onChange: function(type, change) {
                        console.log(">> model changed ", type, change);
                        if ( type === "set" ) {
                            // don't bother to recalculate if other columns change
                            if (change.field === "SAL" ) {
                                update( model );
                        } else if (type !== "move" && type !== "metaChange") {
                            // any other change except for move and metaChange affect the calculation
                            update( model );
                    progressView: $("#P5_TOTAL") // this will cause a spinner on this field (P5_TOTAL is page Item: We can change it)
                } );
                // if not lazy loaded there is no notification for initial data so update
                update( model ); 
                // just in case fetch all the data. Model notifications will
                // cause calls to update so nothing to do in the callback function.
                // can remove if data will always be less than 50 records
                model.fetchAll(function() {});



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