What is New in Oracle APEX 19.2

What’s New in Oracle APEX 19.2?

Faceted Search
APEX dev team introduced in faceted search option in APEX 19.2.

As per the DEV team.

Introducing Faceted Search, a new component that enables you to quickly search and filter your data
like never before. Empower your users to see data in new ways, and discover new insights, effortlessly,
with just a few clicks.
  • SQL Driven
    All of the filtering and computations happen directly in the database, closest to the data.
  • Auto Discovery
    Facets are automatically created based on data patterns from your tables.
  • Count Computation
    Facet result counts are dynamic and computed based on current filter settings.
  • Multiple Facets
    There are a variety of facet types such as checkboxes, radio groups, ranges, and more.

Everything is now getting logged as an issue. Few new features.
* Requests can be logged as feature or bug.
* Tracking of these requests will be as an Issue.
* Easy assignment
* Easy Issue Management
* Includes user notification system
* One page view

Updates Display changes 

  • Streamlined User Experience
    Team Development now has a far simpler user experience that provides all relevant information about a given issue in a single timeline view.
  • Issues
    Whether it’s an enhancement request, a new feature, or a bug – everything is now tracked as an Issue that can easily be assigned, labeled, and managed.
  • Labels, Label Groups, and Templates
    You can define custom labels, label groups, and templates that make it easy to create, manage, and close issues.
  • Notifications You can receive email notifications for issues you are subscribed to so you don’t miss out on anything.
  • Attachments
    Easily upload attachments directly from the text editor as you create Issues or add comments.

New and Improved Item Types

  1. Popup LOV
    • Supports multiple display columns 
  1. Markdown Editor
    • Easy Styling and text formatting
    • No such need to master HTML, CSS 

Toolbar options
* Toolbar
* Provides several options to configure the toolbar for the markdown editor
* Available options include:
* Display basic formatting controls in the toolbar.
* Display full set of formatting controls in the toolbar.
* Hide the toolbar.

  1. Star Rating
  2. On / Off Switch: Inspired from common mobile design patterns.

Expanded Shared LOVs Few new features introduced in shared LOVs

  • Support for Additional Data Sources : List of Values are more flexible than ever before and can be based on data from either local tables, or REST Enabled SQL and Web Source Modules.
  • Declarative Column Mappings : You can now easily select display and return columns, as well as the default sort order, icon, and group columns.
  • Multi Column Support : You can define multiple display columns for the LOV, with additional metadata specifying if the column is displayed, searchable, or requires any format mask.

Builder Improvements

  • Code Editor in SQL Workshop: SQL Commands and Quick SQL have been updated to provide syntax highlighting and more.
  • SQL Workshop Improvements: Be more productive with SQL Workshop with new functionality to display Sample Queries for a given table, easier REST enablement, and the ability to jump into the Create App wizard.
  • APEX Global Search Improvements: APEX Search now has a much larger index allowing you to navigate directly to more places. You can also perform an application-scoped search simply by entering the application number followed by colon to search within that application (ex. 100:templates to jump to Templates).
  • More Powerful Multi-Edit in Page Designer: You can now edit Template Options, code blocks, text areas, and check box properties for multiple components at once.
  • Data Dictionary Cache: Statistics and data analysis of your tables are used to create a Data Dictionary Cache which are used when creating new applications or pages. This cache can be managed from Workspace Administration.

Universal Theme
New templates options are introduced and more control via Theme Roller to help your applications look better than ever.

  • Dark Mode: Universal Theme now has a brand new Theme Style that enables you to add Dark Mode to your applications. Simply select the “Vita – Dark” Theme Style and you’re set to go!
  • Fully Collapsible Navigation Menu: The side Navigation Menu can now be fully collapsed via template options.
  • New Login Page Styles: You can now choose between new layouts and backgrounds for your app’s login page.
  • New Content Row Template: There is a new Classic Report template that makes it easy to display formatted content with selection, actions, and more.
  • Logo Editor in Theme Roller: You can easily upload or define your app’s logo using Theme Roller.

REST Enabled SQL
• Web Source (REST Service)
• Supported data sources for APEX components:
• Local Database
• Table / View (stores table and column information in meta data)
• SQL Query
• PL/SQL Function returning SQL Query \

APEX Data Sources

REST-enabled Interactive Grid

  • Add support for REST Enabled SQL and Web Sources.
  • Allow read and write access to remote data sources.
  • Updated Master Detail Wizards.


Additional Features

  • Developer Toolbar: Developer Toolbar allows setting the Default Debug Level and remembers the debug level when run again from the App Builder.
  • Search via REST: Interactive Report, Interactive Grid, and Popup LOV searches can be passed to a REST service. Enable the Use for Row Search switch for a Web Source Module parameter in order to use this feature.
  • Data Load into Existing Tables: The data upload functionality in SQL Workshop has been extended to allow uploading native Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON documents into existing tables.
  • Create Application > From a File
  • SQL Workshop > Utilities > Data Workshop
  • Drag and Drop files – CSV, XLSX, TXT, XML, or JSON
  • Automatic detection of file settings, data types, format masks
  • Can load any size file (background processing)
  • Select sheet when XLSX has multiple worksheets
  • Updates to Data Loading and Parser: SQL Workshop Data Loading and the APEX_DATA_PARSER package support up to 20 CLOB columns.
  • Oracle Text Indexes Support: If an Oracle Text Index Column is chosen, Interactive Report and Popup LOV row searches will benefit from advanced searching capabilities such as fuzzy or linguistic search. Note: For Popup LOV, the Oracle Text Index Column is chosen in the Shared LOV definition.
  • Library Updates: Several libraries have been updated to newer releases including Oracle JET, jQuery, FullCalendar, CKEditor, CodeMirror and more!

In this version APEX Includes JavaScript libraries are updated with each release of APEX

  • APEX 19.1 includes Oracle JET 6.1.0, jQuery 3.3.1 and jQuery UI 1.12.1
  • APEX 19.2 includes Oracle JET 7.2.0, jQuery 3.4.1 and jQuery UI 1.12.1

Other updated libraries in APEX 19.2

  • FullCalendar 3.10.0
  • Less.js 3.9.0
  • CodeMirror 5.48.4
  • CKEditor 4.11.4

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