How to install ORACLE 19 C on windows 10

How to install ORACLE 19 C on windows 10 (64 bit)  To install ORACLE 19 C we need to check system requirements first. Oracle Database for Windows x64 is supported on the following operating systems: Now let’s download the database... Read more

Working With SYS_CONTEXT

How to create Oracle SYS_CONTEXT ?  Oracle SYS_CONTEXT holds the value of the parameter associated with context namespace. PrerequisiteDatabase user needs grant to create context. GRANT CREATE ANY CONTEXT TO c##ontoor_dev; Package to set parameter value. Create a context using... Read more

ORA-00972: identifier is too long

ORA-00972: identifier is too long. Till Oracle 12 C, the identifier length is 30 characters. Starting from 18 C Oracle increased the length of identifier to 128 character. So now we can define our identifiers till 128 characters if you... Read more


Create function to convert the CLOB to BLOB Now try with clob to blob conversion You might Like Read more

Create user in Oracle 12 C

Create user 12C: connect system/manager as sysdba alter session set "_ORACLE_SCRIPT"=true; / create user lime identified by limeoracle; / grant dba to lime; / connect lime/limeoracle / create table test(lime number); Read more

Oracle Functions

Read more

Refresh a materialized view

To refresh a Materialized view we need DBMS_SNAPSHOT.REFRESH procedure. Steps. CREATE TABLE demo_m ( id NUMBER (10) primary key, name VARCHAR2 (400) ); / INSERT INTO DEMO_M ( ID, NAME) VALUES (1001, 'VIKAS' ); / SELECT * FROM demo_m; One... Read more

Get Current Schema and DB name

Some times we do not know about our schema exist in which db and which is our schema hare is the method to find db and schema name. Result Schema Name:ASH_SCHEMA My DB Name:ORCL Read more


RANK() : function always returns sequential order for each record.DENSE_RANK() : It returns continuous order for each record. Read more

Handle trigger Mutating Error

Many times we have faced the problem of trigger Mutating error. error ORA-04091: table TEST1.TEST_MUTATING is mutating, trigger/function may not see it let see how it comes and resolve CREATE TABLE test_mutating ( id NUMBER, name VARCHAR2(400 byte) ); INSERT... Read more