APEX Font Toggler (AFT)

APEX Font Toggler (AFT) Plugin. APEX Font Toggler (AFT) plugin allow users to increase or decrease application font size at their convenience and this plugin is free for use under MIT license. How to use? Steps: Read more

How to bulk return in FORALL insert?

BULK Return from FORALL insert. CREATE TABLE ashish_bulk_ret ( id NUMBER GENERATED AS IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR2 (31) ); DECLARE TYPE l_rec_typ IS RECORD ( id NUMBER, name VARCHAR2 (32) ); TYPE l_ret_list_tbl_typ IS TABLE OF l_rec_typ; l_ret_list_tbl l_ret_list_tbl_typ;... Read more

PLSQL Collection

PL/SQL provides three collection types − Index-by tables or Associative array Syntax TYPE type_name IS TABLE OF element_type [NOT NULL] INDEX BY subscript_type; table_name type_name; Example TYPE l_tab_type IS TABLE OF NUMBER INDEX BY VARCHAR2(10); l_tab l_tab_type; Variable-size array or... Read more


Create function to convert the CLOB to BLOB Now try with clob to blob conversion You might Like Read more

ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection PLSQL

ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection Error Description:Reference to uninitialized collection Error Cause:An element or member function of a nested table or varray was referenced (where an initialized collection is needed) without the collection having been initialized. Action:Initialize the collection with an appropriate... Read more