APEX Font Toggler (AFT)

APEX Font Toggler (AFT) Plugin. APEX Font Toggler (AFT) plugin allow users to increase or decrease application font size at their convenience and this plugin is free for use under MIT license. How to use? Steps: Read more

How to bulk return in FORALL insert?

BULK Return from FORALL insert. CREATE TABLE ashish_bulk_ret ( id NUMBER GENERATED AS IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR2 (31) ); DECLARE TYPE l_rec_typ IS RECORD ( id NUMBER, name VARCHAR2 (32) ); TYPE l_ret_list_tbl_typ IS TABLE OF l_rec_typ; l_ret_list_tbl l_ret_list_tbl_typ;... Read more

3 ways to find second highest salary ORACLE SQL

Solution 1 : OR Solution 2 : Solution 3 : Read more

10 ways get Distinct/Unique record without using DISTINCT Oracle

How to get Distinct/Unique record without using DISTINCT SQL/Oracle? Solution 1 : Solution 2 : Solution 3 : Solution 4 : Solution 5 : Solution 6 : Solution 7 : Solution 8 : Solution 9 : Solution 10 : Read more

Oracle NULL-Related Functions

Oracle NULL-Related Functions. There are different type of null related function in oracle. Read more

Oracle NVL Function

The NVL function allows you to replace null values with a default values. If the first parameter is null, the function returns the second parameter. If the first parameter has some value then always return the first value. Note:= NVL... Read more

Oracle Decode Function

Oracle DECODE() function compares the first argument with the second argument. If they are equal, the function returns the third argument otherwise returns the default value. The Oracle/PLSQL DECODE function has the functionality of an IF-THEN-ELSE statement: SELECT DECODE (1,... Read more

Coalesce in oracle

COALESCE return first not null value out all the parameter passed into this function. NOTE: All the parameters have be same datatype DROP TABLE coalesce_func_test; CREATE TABLE coalesce_func_test ( id NUMBER, col1 VARCHAR2 (10), col2 VARCHAR2 (10), col3 VARCHAR2 (10), col4 NUMBER... Read more


NULL in Oracle NULL = NULL ? NULL_ NULL is NOT Equals to NULL COUNT with NULLs COUNT(A) 2 SUM with NULLs SUM(A) 12 LENGTH with NULLs SELECT LENGTH (NULL) len, 'LENGTH' FROM DUAL; LEN ‘LENGTH’ LENGTH Order by with... Read more

Cursors in PL/SQL

What is cursor: Pointer to the memory location where the information about sql stmt or DML statement got executed. There are two types of cursors − Implicit Cursor:= Any Select Stmt Or Any SQL Stmt Executed By Oracle Is Through Cursor And... Read more