How to change an item’s LABEL and Placeholder dynamically using a Dynamic Action

How to change an item’s LABEL and Placeholder dynamically using a Dynamic Action To change ITEM labels and placeholders we can try some JavaScript way to do so. Look around the item structure <div class="t-Form-fieldContainer t-Form-fieldContainer--floatingLabel lto22054361480113804944_0 apex-item-wrapper apex-item-wrapper--text-field" id="P23_ITEM_CONTAINER">... Read more

Generating JSON using APEX_JSON

Generating JSON using APEX_JSON Sample tables from Oracle Create Two table based on below query and Inserted some record for demo purpose: Sample block to generated JSON manually OUTPUT: References: Read more

APEX_JSON Nested parsing

APEX_JSON Nested JSON data parsing Sample JSON Sample PLSQL block OUTPUT: You might Also like: Read more

ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection PLSQL

ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection Error Description:Reference to uninitialized collection Error Cause:An element or member function of a nested table or varray was referenced (where an initialized collection is needed) without the collection having been initialized. Action:Initialize the collection with an appropriate... Read more

GitHub Account setup

GitHub Account setup: GitHub is “Built for developers”and a development platform inspired by the way you work. From open source to business, you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers. First thing we... Read more

PLSQL Collection Data Deletion

PLSQL collection data deletion CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE l_rec_type IS OBJECT (id NUMBER, name VARCHAR2 (1111)); / CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE l_tab_type IS TABLE OF l_rec_type; / Read more

Accordion Report plugin | Oracle APEX

Accordian Report is a great interface when you want to utilize the screen space. I took the references from the Accrodian library and used to implement it in Oracle APEX. Steps { "showIcon": "fa-plus-square fa-2x", "hideIcon": "fa-minus-square fa-2x", "headingBackground": "red",... Read more

Social Footer Oracle APEX

The social footer is one of my plugins. I have created this plugin to avoid writing code over and over and static codes in HTML for showing social icons or social footer.  This plugin allows the developer to provide the... Read more

APEX shortcut variables

APEX shortcut variables are best in dynamic use in Javascript code. We can fetch data from database or can use any hard coded text. Use a shortcut to define frequently used code once and then reference it in many places... Read more

Row level, statement level Trigger

Create two tables based on the query: insert into product values ('ashish',sysdate); / update product set message = 'Ashish Sahay' where current_date = sysdate; / Read more