Custom Landing Page to Google Blogger

How to create a Custom landing page to Google blogger?

Google blogger provides the great feature of redirecting the home page to some other custom page. It is really helpful when you need to show your best content ate the very beginning. One more best use case of this feature is to show site home page with company key features. services and other key information.

Now let’s take a look on steps

Step 1:

  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on “Search preferences”
  • In right panel, look for “Errors and redirections”
  • Here are two options available
    • Custom Redirects
    • Custom Page Not Found
  • Click on new redirect
  • Enter “/” in “From” box
  • Enter page name in “To” box, starts with “/p/”, where p stands for blogger pages
  • Save changes
  • Try to hit the home url, you will see redirection from it to the custom page. 

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