BLOB2CLOBBASE64 Function This function is used to convert Blob to base64Clob. Syntax: APEX_WEB_SERVICE.BLOB2CLOBBASE64 ( p_blob IN BLOB) RETURN CLOB; Example : declare l_clob CLOB; l_blob BLOB; begin SELECT BLOB_CONTENT INTO l_BLOB FROM APEX_APPLICATION_FILES WHERE name = :P1_FILE_NAME; l_CLOB := apex_web_service.blob2clobbase64(l_BLOB);... Read more

Getting into ORDS

Firstly we need to enable ORDS. Base url : <SERVER_URL>:<SERVER_PORT>/ords/ To hide the schema name from API endpoint we put any alias in url mapping pattern. BEGIN ORDS.enable_schema( p_enabled => TRUE, p_schema => '<SCHEMA_NAME>', p_url_mapping_type => 'BASE_PATH', p_url_mapping_pattern => '<ANY_ALIAS_INPLACE_OF_SCHEMA_NAME>', p_auto_rest_auth =>... Read more

Restful API using ORDS

Creating Rest API using ORDS ORDS APIs follows the Module, Template, Method. Now let see the Hierarchy of these. Module is top level container, it can contain set of templates .Template is at second level container can contain multiple Handlers.Handler is logical area where... Read more

Consuming ORDS Rest APIs using PL/SQL

Consuming ORDS Rest APIs using PL/SQL API End point : Parameters : deptno, empno Method : GET Without parameters With Parameters Output Read more