APEX Split Login template experiment

How to Add new region position in APEX login page?

Preview APEX has been upgraded it login templates all the way from simple region to login template region then in APEX it is also available with split design.

Since I have been playing around the APEX templates and themes i found we could add region position to our APEX page templates. For example login page doesn’t support any other region position then it’s standards.

Steps to add:

  • Create new page template as copy of login template
  • In Body, append the below code
 <div class="t-Login-right-container hidden-xs-down ">
  <div class="t-Login-right-containerBody">#REGION_POSITION_16#</div>

Preview Classes to show hide the region based on screen size. Preview

  • Add “Display Points” entry
  • Login Right Side : REGION_POSITION_16 Preview
  • Select this template on login page. Preview Select the new position for the newly added. Preview


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