Get data from Web Source in Oracle APEX

Get data from Web Source in Oracle APEX?

Preview Working with Oracle and APEX it’s not necessary to keep all the data in the one system. Say you need all the details data in one place and all transaction data in one place, we need DB links or synonyms in case of the same databases.

But when the other hand party is not running on Oracle, We cannot go with DB links or synonyms. So how do we get data from that system? Web source is the answer. If the system is giving data information using REST then APEX can fetch the data. Let’s see…..

An endpoint to the web source In my case

How to create a rest web service? Preview Once we have the end pint we can start creating Web source Modules in Application. Steps.

  • Goto Shared components
  • Look for Data Sources
  • Click on Web Source Modules
  • Create a Web Source Module Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • After a successful Web Source Module creation, we need to create a report on it.
  • Go to Application Page
  • Create an Interactive report
  • Go to Report Source
  • Select Web Source in Location
  • Select Web Source Module
  • Save and run Preview Preview
  • References : Oracle Application Express

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