APEX_DATA_PARSER performance issues.

In my previous blogs , we have seen how easy is to parse the excel and CSV files using APEX_DATA_PARSER. All options are declarative and easy to use. I have been using this utility for a long time but the use involved... Read more

How to create application process and it’s usage In Oracle APEX

Understanding application process and it’s usage. Application Processes run PL/SQL logic at specific points for each page in an application or as defined by the conditions under which they are set to fire. 1. On Load: Before Header (page template... Read more

APEX Font Toggler (AFT)

APEX Font Toggler (AFT) Plugin. APEX Font Toggler (AFT) plugin allow users to increase or decrease application font size at their convenience and this plugin is free for use under MIT license. How to use? Steps: Read more

LocalStorage and SessionStorage in JavaScript

How to Store Data in Web Browser Storage – localStorage and sessionStorage. The main difference between sessionStorage and localStorage is that sessionStorage only maintains a storage area while the browser is open (including when the page reloads or restores) while localStorage continues to store data after the browser... Read more

Dialog Page drawer in Oracle APEX

How to Create Dialog Page drawer in Oracle APEX. Create a page as a Modal Dialog in which set Dialog Template => Drawer as per screenshot. In Templates Options for Modal Dialog Drawer Page. Now you can direcly navigate on drawer page from another... Read more

Closing Browser upon Logging out In Oracle APEX

How to Close Browser upon Logging out In Oracle APEX. Solution 1: In the shared components section go to the Navigation bar and click on the Logout link. Paste Below code as per screenshot. javascript:window.top.close(); Solution 2: Create a logout... Read more