Add Row | Focus column- gotoCell | Interactive Grid

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Interactive Grid shortcodes

Disable Reorder and Resize Hide Save Button Process GRID model GRID actions Horizontal Scrollbars Persistent Selection Add Row using JS Read more

Interactive Grid introduction | Ontoor Concepts #1

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Interactive GRID | Custom Validation API

Referred from John’s cookbook sample app. Add Custom Validation to the Interactive Grid Read more

Interactive GRID | Custom Progress on Loading Data

Referred from John’s cookbook sample app. // Add the progress indicator. An alternative would be to add this to a page template. $("#t_Header .t-Header-logo").append('<div id="progress" class="progress-bar stripes"><span></span></div>'); Read more

Interactive GRID | Dynamic Column Total

Referred from John’s cookbook sample app. SELECT EMPNO, ENAME, JOB, MGR, HIREDATE, SAL, COMM FROM emp Read more

Interactive GRID | Nested Table In Cell

Referred from John’s cookbook sample app. .gv-nested-tbl { border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; } .gv-nested-tbl td, .gv-nested-tbl th { border: 1px solid #EAEAEA; } .a-GV-row { height: 50px; } <table class='gv-nested-tbl'><thead><tr><th colspan=3>Country</th></tr><tr><th>Born</th><th>Died</th><th>Age</th></tr></thead></table> <table class='gv-nested-tbl'><tbody><tr><td colspan=3>&COUNTRY.</td></tr><tr><td>&FROM_YR.</td><td>&TO_YR.</td><td>&AGE.</td></tr></tbody></table> NOTE: Use COUNTRY, FROM_YR, TO_YR and AGE are... Read more

Interactive GRID | Windows List View Style – Checkbox visible on hover

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Interactive GRID | Hide Report Settings Area

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Interactive GRID | Rows Per Page on Toolbar

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